Get Started With Using  organic keyword SEO 
 An important starting point when using keywords for SEO is doing keyword exploration. That’s how you find the right keywords to include on a web runner in the first place. 
 As we said before, the use of keywords helps Google assign the right hunt ranking. 
Keyword exploration also helps you come up with your content strategy by creating content around the terms that you know your followership is looking for. 
 The stylish practice is to concentrate each piece of content on a different keyword expression, and noway use the same keyword more than formerly. That’s because you don’t want to end up contending with your own content for hunt rankings. 
 In the coming section, we’ll look at how you find SEO keywords to use in your content. 

How to Find organic keywords for your content

First, communicate the terms that you suppose your implicit guests might be searching for. 
 Next, find affiliated terms by searching on Google, scrolling down to the bottom of the runner of hunt results, and seeing what additional people searching for that term also looked for.

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