YouTube has emerged as a bigger platform to reach people online.
Content is floating around the platform due to the number of
content creators uploading videos on different-different genres daily.
And most of the time, YouTubers buy YouTube views to grow their
channel. But is it right to buy views? Or Are YouTube views worth
buying? Read the article to know more.
People buy YouTube views for lots of reasons. Be it for accumulating
watch hours, increasing their subscribers, getting their videos viral,
or earning money through YouTube ads. And the fact is that buying
YouTube views do help them in many ways and boost their
channel’s growth. But anything that comes with benefits has some
cons too. Let’s read about the pros and cons of buying views on

Pros of buying YouTube views
1- A memorable Kick-start- Starting with zero followers hurts,
right? I know gaining followers on YouTube is a lengthy and

timely process. But what if you buy views and have expansive
views on your videos since the start? Having great views on the
first video not only makes you excited to keep going but also
boosts your confidence to put the best of your content for the
2- More number of subscribers- The more views you have in your
videos, the more numbers of subscribers you gain if people
enjoy your content. And having more subscribers ensure that
your videos are reaching your audience directly. Hence, buying
views on YouTube will help increase your reach.
3- Improved search rankings- The more straightforward way to
understand this point is that the more views, the better
chances your videos have to appear in search results. And you
know well that the YouTube algorithm promotes videos with
total views by resurfacing your videos more.
4- Increased Credibility- People ignore videos with few views and
usually leave after a few seconds. But when you buy views,
people start watching your videos often, eventually start liking
them, and want to watch more of your content. In a way, they
start feeling connected to you, enhancing your credibility on
5- Effective marketing- People commonly tend to take a channel
with more views and subscribers seriously. Therefore, buying
YouTube views will help you improve your marketing
strategies and develop a reputation on YouTube, resulting in
effective marketing campaigns.

Cons of buying views on YouTube

1- Unethical- Does buying YouTube views feel unethical to you?
Would buying views not bring a real audience to you? You are
correct. It is unethical to buy views. And buying many views
might make you look un-authentic and fake. Therefore, only

buy a limited number of views to kick-start your channel and let
your talent and hard work in your favor.
2- Prone to scamming- You will find scammers everywhere in this
online world. Beware while buying views and ensure that you
only buy views from well-known and reputed views-selling
companies. Otherwise, you might receive views delivered by
bots, resulting in your channel getting banned.
3- Untargeted Audience- Before buying views, did you also think
you would get an audience with similar interests that your
channel delivers? I know you must have. But do you know the
views you buy are filled with untargeted audiences? They have
different interests and likings. Not all will be as enthusiastic
about the content you upload. Hence, they will sometimes
show no interest in your videos, leaving you disconnected.
Thus, the only way to overcome this is to buy views from a
a provider who provides you with a targeted audience.

Final Takeaway
Buying YouTube views might be unethical but not illegal. The views
you bought can help your YouTube channel grow fast. Platforms like
YouTube is to channel your inner talent and reach people online.
Therefore, the main aim of starting a channel is to increase your
subscribers reaching your targeted audience. Although, buying views
could bring in a few disadvantages with it. Beware of scammers, and
make sure to focus on the positives and keep making videos
unaffected. Good Luck!

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